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Business not the only factor in decisions made by city

Feb 1, 2012 By Deborah Craig, Riverton


Why does every decision have to be reduced to what is best for business? The talk about the gas fracking in Pavillion, or the alcohol permits in Riverton always is in the form of whether business will approve of any action that is taken.

I think we should always take the welfare of the people into consideration first, not always just the businesses.

As to the alcohol permit issue in Riverton, I am all for putting a limit on those. We have enough of them already, and it is not the job of the city government to make more money for the liquor dealers. The council should consider if this is going to be a safe thing for the public and a good environment for children who may be around during the "event."

I would support reducing these permits, in fact. But I know that will never get anywhere in this community which has alcohol as such a big part of everything. But we do not need to look to find ways to get more alcohol out into the public venue when we all agree there is such a problem with it.

I have a job, so of course I know business is important. My father and by grandparents owned businesses. Don't get me wrong on that. But business is not the only concern in city decisions. Please consider the welfare, health and safety of the public as the main decision-making point in these matters.

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