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City seems unsure of what to do when a decision needs to be made

Sep 27, 2012 - Gene Parsons, Riverton


After reading the new article in The Ranger under the heading "Council conducts job evaluation of Weaver," I would imagine the conclusion they came to behind closed doors about city administrator Weaver was this: "Nice guy, in over his head, needs to get better."

I have a little experience with how local government operates in a much bigger city (Dayton, Ohio), and I happen to think there is just about as much difference between the city affairs of Riverton and a tiny little town like he came from as there is between Riverton and Dayton, or Denver. A very big difference, is what I mean.

It is time for Riverton to get it together in these day-to-day areas. It does not seem to me that they are making a lot of mistakes but more that they just don't know what to do when something comes up, and then it all ends going before the city council for a long debate when it should get handled with an office decision. This needs improvement.

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