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Most people want wolf hunt and delisting to take effect as planned

Sep 23, 2012 - Ned Burke, Lander


You and a bunch of the rest of us were right to prognosticate that the lawyers would step in again to block the wolf hunting season and probably delisting in general before Oct. 1.

Sure enough, here comes the pro-wolf group asking for a court order to block it from happening.

I will eat my hat if the wolf hunt goes on as scheduled, even though the federal government, our state government and, I would bet, the big majority of the people of the state want it to.

It seems like there is no point in even going through negotiations and public comments trying to reach a general agreement if it all can be stopped by one person who has nothing better to do than keep going to court over and over.

Maybe I am wrong about this, and I should add that I could not care less about shooting a wolf myself. But we spent all these years working on this to get to the point we are at.

It should be allowed to go into place so we can find out it if works.

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