District 2 re-vote was not fair to the commissioner who lost job

Sep 21, 2012 Fred Dwight, Riverton


In all the hullabaloo over the re-vote in Fremont County Commission District 2, everything always talks about the "honest mistakes" and how hard it was to understand the new district borders, and the judges who "did their best" to get it right.

But that is not the whole story. This is their job. They blew it, and there were some drastic results because of the mistake.

I think it needs to be pointed out loud and clear that this was screwed up by the Fremont County elections department, and it ended up costing a good county commissioner his job.

Dennis Christensen won that primary on Aug. 21, and if it had to be done over because of some snafu in the county office, then why wasn't it done just in the precinct where the mistake actually happened?

There was no reason for it to be done across the whole district again. And if that was how they did it, then why did the other two candidate get kicked off the ballot? This isn't even my district, and I have nothing against Larry Allen, but this re-vote looks as though it was drawn up exactly to his liking. Commissioner Christensen already had made plans to be out of town after the primary and couldn't change them, so he didn't get to campaign on the re-vote. None of this was his fault. All he did was win the primary the first time.

Not fair to Christensen, not fair to Salazar and Denke, not fair to the voters. The Fremont County election officials botched this up and botched it good.

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