Avenue of Flags

Feb 23, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

The flags were flying again along many Riverton streets Monday.

It was Presidents Day, and the combined efforts of Riverton Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3628 and Riverton American Legion Post 19 meant the "Avenue of Flags" was there to greet us at sunrise.

The flags are most conspicuous in the downtown business district, but the flag project has grown steadily to include other parts of town as well.

With that expansion has come added labor and expense. There is, of course, cost involved in acquiring dozens of American flags and poles, not to mention the effort of placing them all over town early in the morning then removing them by sundown, according to the accepted rules of flag etiquette. It's a much-appreciated service that also happens to be a pretty big job. The VFW and Legion volunteers welcome help in the form of both money and muscle.

If you would be willing to assist in the effort financially, a contribution of even $5 to $10 would be appreciated (more is always welcome, of course).

You can send a contribution to Riverton Avenue of Flags, P.O. Box 1017, Riverton, WY 82501.

A particular holiday might have special significance to you, or your group might have a service project requirement to fulfill. Or, you might simply enjoy the activity. So, if helping place and remove the flags appeals to you, a couple of names to know are Jack Ratliff of the VFW and Harold York of Legion Post 19. They can help get you connected with the volunteer effort.

Next on the Avenue of Flags schedule, incidentally, is Welcome Home Day on March 30, in commemoration of the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam on that date in 1973.

The Avenue of Flags is a fine program that improves the community's appearance and elevates its pride. Your assistance can ensure the effort goes forward.

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