Neglected cattle putting both the livestock and human beings in danger

Sep 16, 2012 Caroline Mills, Fort Washakie


I am writing to voice my concern about the cows that have been allowed to stray onto the roadway on Trout Creek Road in Fort Washakie.

I live on Trout Creek Road and these cows are a safety hazard to people who live in the area. During the month of August they were constantly on the roadway and twice I was heading home after dark and a patrol officer had to turn on his flashing lights to warn me of a herd of black cows that were on the highway.

In Title XI of The Law and Order Code of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes of the Wind River Indian Reservation, under Chapter 4 titled Control of Stray or Trespassing Livestock states that a "Livestock Officer " or other person designated by the Joint Business Council is to carry out and enforce this ordinance. The cattle are supposed to be impounded.

The homeowners have been fixing their fences so they have done what is necessary to keep the cows from entering their property. My question is who is leasing the land that these cows are getting out of on a daily/nightly basis? The person leasing the land needs to fix the fence so the cows don't get out on the highway.

I have photos showing the cows on the highway and a school bus in the photo has to stop and wait for the cows to cross the road. There are also tire tracks in the same photo that indicates a vehicle ran off the road because of the cows.

When you live on a certain road and drive it daily, you will notice black tire marks that were not there the day before.

I hope someone looks into this issue of neglected cattle that have a right to roam the highway without regard for human safety.

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