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Tuesday notes

Sep 11, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Three questions

Last week in this space we posed three weather questions for friendly wagerers to talk about: Will there be another 90-degree day this year? Will there be an 80-degree day in October? And will there be measurable snow by Halloween?

As a reminder, the editorial writer bet a nickel that 1) we wouldn't get another 90-degree day before 2013; 2) there would be an 80-degree day in October; and 3) there would be snow enough to measure by Halloween. In other words, no, yes and yes.

It's too early to get a handle on the second two questions, but the record books show that this is the last week for even a slight possibility of a 90-degree day in September. A check of the week's forecast doesn't portend record warmth this week.

Sept. 11

The date is Sept. 11, now and forever recognizable instantly as the square on the calendar when al-Qaida terrorists used commercial jetliners to crash into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense --the Pentagon --outside Washington, D.C., and an intended attack on the U.S. Capitol that was foiled by unarmed civilian passengers in the skies and, later, the ground in Pennsylvania when they fought the terrorists for control of the airplane and crashed it, killing all aboard.

As stunningly horrifying as the events of that day were, imagine the added impact they would have had if that fourth plane had toppled the Capitol dome.

Bouncing toward November

In presidential election years, the candidates always plan to get something called the "convention bounce," meaning an uptick in voter preference polling based on positive response to their respective nominating conventions.

The first round of polls after the two conventions shows that President Obama "bounced" higher than Republican nominee Mitt Romney did.

One poll released Monday showed Obama leading Romney 53 percent to 46 percent since the Democratic National Convention ended. The president led by only a point or two before the convention in Charlotte, N.C., well within the statistical margin for error that all such polls must deal with.

The bounce polling for Romney after his convention a week earlier showed no more than a point gain, which, given that same margin for error, might mean that he didn't really get a bounce at all.

The incumbent president always has an advantage in that his convention gets to go second, meaning that it can respond to anything that happened in the other party's convention, and meaning that it also is the one that remains freshest in the minds of the voters.

That appears to have worked in the president's favor, which is to be expected. Here's one other thing that history often shows is to be expected: The bounce usually doesn't last long. We'll know whether this one did in 56 days.

Green River jinx?

There's something about playing football against Green River that doesn't go well for the Riverton Wolverines. Friday's frustrating loss in which officiating played a controversial role wasn't the first game the Wolverines have lost under what could be called unusual circumstances over the past decade. Fans might remember a game when a key injury stymied Riverton, a big lead that evaporated late in the game, another time when some huge officiating decisions went against Riverton every time it mattered --and, yes, straightforward thrashings at the hand of the Wolves.

Nothing lasts forever, and this won't either. But we'll have to wait another year to break the bad streak.

No. 18 in orange

Does anyone still think Peyton Manning, now of the Denver Broncos, can't play top-quality NFL football anymore? Think again.

Here's to a good week.

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