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County Angus breeders recognized in 2012 evaluation report

Sep 7, 2012 From staff reports

Fremont County Angus breeders were recently recognized for their bulls listed in the 2012 Fall Sire Evaluation Report published by the American Angus Association in Saint Joseph, Mo.

The winners include:

- Kimberly Arntzen, of Riverton -- one bull

- Jim Buline, of Crowheart -- one bull

- Frank Land & Cattle Co. Inc, of Riverton -- four bulls

- Gardner Heart Dot Angus, of Shoshoni -- one bull

- James A. Jensen, of Riverton -- 15 bulls

- Popo Agie Angus, of Lander -- three bulls

The new report features the latest performance information available on 6,067 sires, and is accessible at

"This report provides both Angus breeders and commercial cattle producers using Angus genetics with accurate, predictable selection tools for improving their herd," said Sally Northcutt, genetic research director.

Expected Progeny Differences are generated from the performance database of the American Angus Association, which includes information submitted by nearly 9,000 Angus breeders this past year through the Association's Beef Improvement Records program.

The fall 2012 evaluation includes a full suite of EPDs for production, maternal and carcass traits. Available decision-making tools also include values, the bio-economic indexes designed to assist commercial producers in simplifying the genetic selection process.

The semi-annual analysis for the Sire Evaluation Report uses more than 21 million measures used to generate nearly 62 million EPDs for the Angus breed.

The American Angus Association with headquarters in Saint Joseph, Mo., provides programs and services for nearly 30,000 members nationwide and thousands of commercial producers who use Angus genetics. Go to for more information.

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