Sep 6, 2012 The Associated Press

Man sentenced in kidnapping

CASPER -- A man convicted of kidnapping a Wyoming woman and forcing her to drive him to Montana has been sentenced to 31 to 50 years in prison.

30-year-old Guy Hanway of Deer Lodge, Mont., was sentenced Wednesday for felony kidnapping.

Authorities say Hanway escaped from the mental health wing of a Lander hospital in 2010 and kidnapped the woman. After driving to Montana, the woman spotted police in Billings, stopped the car and ran to the officer. Officials say Hanway had passed out from drinking.

Authorities say Hanway had been taken to the Lander hospital after a suicide attempt while custody on unrelated assault allegations.

Hanway was convicted earlier of five other counts stemming from the 2010 incident, including assault and escape.

Heat record set in Cheyenne

CHEYENNE -- The National Weather Service says Cheyenne's average temperature from June through August was a record 69.9 degrees.

That's 3.5 degrees higher than average for the period.

The previous record for the three months was an average of 69.5 degrees, set in 1881.

This year's highest temperature was 96 degrees on June 23. The temperature was 90 degrees or above for 26 days from June through August, compared with the average of 12 days for the period.

Electricity consumption also rose. Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power says peak use was a record 187 megawatts on July 20. The old record was 181 megawatts, set last year.

The utility says the heat and population growth contribute to the increased use of power.

Thieves stole horse hair

CASPER -- Authorities in Wyoming are looking for some horse hair thieves.

At least 30 horses in the state have had their tails cut in the past several weeks.

The amount of hair taken ranged from several inches to three feet. Some horses also had their manes cut.

Twenty of the horses who got the unwanted haircuts are in Natrona County, including three owned by Steve Adrian. He said the thieves didn't cut the tails off square but tried to make the cut look less obvious. He said one of his horses doesn't have enough tail left to reach the middle of his body to swat away flies and mosquitoes.

Horse hair can be used to create belts, paintbrushes and the bows of musical instruments.

Progress made on fire near border

CUSTER, S.D. -- The Kinney Fire in the Black Hills National Forest in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming is about 40 percent contained.

Fire officials say they expect to fully contain the blaze Thursday. It is at nearly 2 square miles but spread little on Wednesday as firefighters improved and reinforced containment lines on the fire's perimeter.

The cause of the blaze that began Tuesday northeast of Newcastle is still being investigated. No people have been evacuated and no structures harmed. About 185 people are battling the fire on the ground and from the air.

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