Mahoney pulls out of Ward 1 city council race

Sep 5, 2012 By Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

Riverton councilwoman Diana Mahoney announced Tuesday that she has withdrawn her name from the election race against Jonathan Faubion.

"I would like everyone to know I have withdrawn my name from the race," Mahoney said. "I think Faubion will make a wonderful councilman."

Mahoney and Faubion were the two candidates seeking to represent Ward 1 for Riverton City Council in the Nov. 6 general election.

Mahoney has served on the city council for almost nine years. She was elected to two full terms after being appointed to fill the term for a councilman who resigned.

Mahoney said her decision came after she realized that serving as a councilwoman takes up a lot of her time.

"I had actually made this decision before the primaries, but I wanted to work through the day care issue and finalize that," Mahoney said. "It is a lot of time out of my schedule researching every issue, and it is time for me to move back and do other things."

Mahoney said she visited with Faubion on Tuesday before she made her announcement.

"Faubion is such a nice man, and I have no doubt he will do a wonderful job," Mahoney said. "I think he will be very good for the council, and I think he needs to have the opportunity to serve."

Faubion said he spoke with Mahoney for about 15 minutes when she called to let him know she was withdrawing from the race.

"I was pretty surprised, and I didn't expect her to drop out of the race," Faubion said. "I am glad because I wanted to be in that position so I am glad I am going to have the opportunity to do so."

Faubion said he plans to continue campaigning.

"I would still like to walk my ward and get to know as many people as I can," Faubion said. "Just because I know I am going to be councilman for Ward 1 doesn't mean I don't need to find out how I can help them."

Faubion said money spent on advertising for his campaign will be cut to a minimum. He said he will continue to find ways to become the best councilman he can be.

"Mahoney was extremely classy in the way she handled everything," Faubion said. "She let me know what her intentions were before she made the announcement to council members Tuesday evening. I am excited to get to serve on the council and put forth my ideas that will help better the community."

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Diana Mahoney

Diana Mahoney

Diana Mahoney

Diana Mahoney

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