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Why is county commission race being re-run in whole district?

Sep 4, 2012 Samuel Owenhall, Riverton


Why is the county commissioner race that had the ballot problem being re-run in the whole commissioner district?

Wasn't the problem only in that one precinct and not everywhere else? It does not make sense to me. There was nothing wrong with the voting in the other precincts in District 2.

I would think they should re-do that one precinct, with all the candidates on the ballot, and settle it that way.

This is not even my district, but I voted for Commissioner Dennis Christensen back when we all could vote on every commissioner seat. I always thought he voted for county interests and I felt like I was represented well by him. I think it would be too bad for all of Fremont County if he got voted out of office because of this "snafu" in the election process.

I also will predict right now that this is not going to be the only time this mistake is made. It has become so complicated that it's not only the voters who don't know what district they are in but it's the candidates and the election officers also. I just worry that one day there will be a really major error that can ruin the whole election.

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