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What does city vote on day care permits mean?

Aug 31, 2012 - Jim Dallard, Riverton


Am I getting this straight? The city council of Riverton voted to allow child day cares in the residential zoning areas, but then they turned around and voted against allowing any day cares in residential areas. And all in the same meeting.

Good meeting, guys. You really got the job done that night.

I never like it when council members say they are basing their votes on how many phone calls they get from people in town and use phone calls from other people as their excuse for voting the way they do.

Since when is that the only method? Use your brains and make a decision, why don't you?

We could have all the 8-year-old kids in town call up a council member, and would that be how the decision is made? What next, all the drunks or ex-cons calling and telling the council how to vote?

I think input from the citizens is important, but when the time comes our council members have to make a decision. To just sit there for weeks on end not knowing what to do, and then doing exactly the opposite thing within 10 minutes of each other at the same meeting, just makes them look inept.

Maybe your reporter could answer this: Can we have day cares in residential areas or can we not?

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