Shauna Lee Dewey

Aug 28, 2012 Staff

Shauna Lee Dewey, of Riverton, died Friday, Aug. 24, 2012, at Riverton Memorial Hospital.

A visitation will be at 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 27, with a rosary at 7 p.m. Both are in the Chapel of Mount Hope at Hudson's Funeral Home. The visitation will end at 8:30 p.m. The second night of visitation will be 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, in the Blue Sky Hall with rosary to begin at 7 p.m. This visitation will also end at 8:30 p.m. Then it will be moved to the family home for the rest of the night. The funeral service will be at 10 a.m. in the Blue Sky Hall with Catholic clergy presiding. Burial will follow at Sharp Nose Cemetery.

She is survived by her companion, Arlyn Chester Willow; daughters Lisa Rosetta Gaines, Arlyne Astrid Willow, Madison Willow and Jo Bell; sons Tyreke Dewey, Leo Willow and Mason Willow; godson Dante Shakespeare; adoptive mother Grace Willow; adoptive father Hank Tillman; father-in-law John Earl Willow Jr. and Patricia Willow; mother-in-law Elizabeth Four Bear; sisters Loretta Whiteman and Mitchell Warren Sr., Alana Whiteman and Donovan Goodshield, Rita and Bo Brown, Tashina Tillman and Gaylen Track, Kimberly Johnson, Roberta Johnson and Tracey Dewey; brothers Virgil Whiteman Jr., Delin Dewey and Nathan Johnson; uncles Ernie Willow, Douglas and Verna Willow and Alfred Willow Sr.; aunts Penny and Deland Robertson, Terry Willow, Beverly Willow, Wanda Willow, Jenny Brown, Vonda Dewey, Twyla Dewey, Alfreda Dewey, Ann Dewey and Jean Sloan; grandparents Sylvia Dewey, Mary L. Willow, Felix and Irma Groesbeck, Burton and Joyce Hutchinson, Theresa Jones, June Ann Brown, Rachel Brown, Irene Harris, Thelma Dewey, Jimmy and Rosealee Tavoh, Donald Wallowingbull, John Paul Brown and Lucy Willow; sisters and cousins Valene Brown, Tara Brown, Kayla and Vernon Hill, Annie Willow, Cheryl and Percy Headley, Ivy Robertson, Miken Wilson, Willow Wilson, Alicia Willow, Ivora and Joe James, Sydney Willow, Alta and Darrell Bell, Adele Mandan, Yvonne Willow, Marlo Whiteman, Kara Whiteman, Azalea Dewey, Lupe Dewey, Krista Topaum, Marie Willow, Michelle Friday, Bernie Willow Spoonhunter and Vern, Mardell C'Bearing, Heather Brown, Charlene Brown, Teressa SunRhodes, Sophie Dewey, Katherina Hanna, Quentina Dewey, Alda Jean Garcia, Debra Bell, Chasity Makeshine and Vilina Tavoh; brothers and cousins David Robertson, Joel Wilson, Alfred Willow Jr. and Rennee, Wolf Willow, DJ Moss, Wendell Moss, Teddy Moss, John Moss, Naroy Willow, Gregory Trosper Jr., Lagrand Willow, Charles Willow, Neal Friday, Leonardo Dewey, Lester Dewey, Joshua Willow, Michael Willow, Theron and Tamara Willow, Preston Willow, Ben Aragon, PVT Reuben Quiver, Reuben Track, Vinnie Brown, Jared SunRhodes, Jesus Cohea, Luke Bell, Germaine Bell and Destry Bell; nieces and nephews David Dewey, Shanielle Brown and Leo Monroe, Jason Brown Jr. and Anna, Paloma Warren, Mitchelleen Warren, Dylan Stamp, Kobe Stamp, Ayden, Jayden, Charlene Goodshield, Delores Track, Deonna Track, Tyree Brown, Shannon Brown, Jaelynne Whiteman, Janaeah Whiteman, Jonas Moon Jr., Jaymie Moon, Josiah Moon, Destinee Brown, Carlos Brown, Kayden Brown, Rhylee Brown, Xavier Hill, Yomoni Miller, Rose Headley, Faith Headley, Gabby Headley, Jayden Headley, Cathryn Headley, Alayah Spoonhunter, Hayden Spoonhunter, Anthony SittingEagle, Arieyan SittingEagle, Maya Wilson, Niibiisiseet Manzanares, Leandra James, Joe James Jr., Jasmine James, Dayleen Robertson, Davee Robertson, Mary Robertson, Philip Robertson, Alfred Willow III, Anthony Willow, Nyla Joe Willow, Josie Cantu, Miken Cantu, Jennifer Shakespeare, George Shakespeare, Johncharles Shakespeare, Darell Moss III, Isaiha Moss, Sadie Rose Moss, Tanisha Moss, Tyler Moss, Keena Moss, Darell Bell Jr., Jerome Bell, Shaylynn Bell, Tristen Willow, Walkson Rolling Hill, Milton Eli Hill, Serene Spoonhunter, Jaylee Spoonhunter, Azazyal Wilson, Alayah Wilson, Wendell Moss Jr., Pricella Hanway, Neveah Maurico, Michealene Maurico, Jesse McLain, Jeffrey Brown, Shawn Brown, Aquilo Friday, Jevon Brown, Vincent Brown Jr., Matthew SunRhodes, Brenda SunRhodes, Devin Spoonhunter, Destiny Spoonhunter, Davian Spoonhunter, Corwin Red Tomahawk, Savannah Smith, Kaylee Sun Goes Slow, Kenneth Goes Slow Jr, Michael Smith Jr., Selena Gutierrez, Julia Gutierrez, Martha Gutierrez, Kenan E. Monroe, Laraiya Brown and Lebron Brown.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Oriole Leo Dewey and Larina Tavo Dewey; Grandfather Ernest Willow; sisters Mary Willow, Jovon Willow and Sonya Willow; brother Dean Dewey; grandparents George Dewey Sr., Leonard and Melainia Jane Warren; great-grandparents Scott W. Dewey and Irean Dewey; and niece Acacia Shavehead.

Services are under the direction of the Hudson's Funeral Home of Lander. An online guest book is available at

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