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Aug 24, 2012 Northern Arapaho Powwow Committee 2012


Haba / Tous to our fellow Northern Arapaho people. We, the Northern Arapaho Powwow Committee, would like to take this time to invite all of you to the Northern Arapaho Contest Powwow 2012 at Great Plains

Hall on Nov. 9, 10 and 11, 2012.

This powwow is honoring all the veterans. Our veterans are our highest-ranking warriors who have served our people by giving us freedom. We need to not forget these

men and women who have sacrificed their time, families and, in some cases, their lives.

The committee is asking that families honor their veterans by bringing their veterans flags to the powwow. Flags can be hung or tables will be available to display flags and biographies.

This powwow will be the 57th annual powwow. The history for this powwow is very deeply rooted in our community; the old people who began these powwows did so for a reason while also running into obstacles of raising money, having a location big enough for people to camp, dance and park.

Recently someone took it upon him- or herself to disrespect this area of powwow and decided to bum this arena down.

Today we are also deciding to have the powwow at Great Plains Hall because we have no other place to hold our powwow, and our hope for the fature is our tribal leaders and community leaders will have a hand in providing a better area to hold our celebrations.

We, as Arapaho people, should not forget our veterans, and we should also not forget how and why we have these celebrations.

Our old people who started these powwows wanted our culture, tradition and our way of life as Northern Arapaho to live on through our children and celebrations. Yet to keep this way of life we sent our veterans to fight for this, and now that we have it we seem to forget.

Let us not forget any further.

Come dance, sing, watch on, eat and honor our veterans. There is no cost to register, so come with a smile and your powwow chairs. Craft and food concessions will be available.

This year's committee is also accepting donations of money, food, ideas and volunteering (schools or college classes want to donate some volunteer time? Let us know). Specials will also occur and we will keep the community updated so look for upcoming posters and flyers.


Northern Arapaho Powwow Committee 2012 "Honoring the Veterans Powwow"

Ambrose C'Hair

Rae Friday

Cassie, Fay, Shayni and Yufna Soldier Wolf

Mary Ann and Tamara Duran

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