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Maybe 'cop on a walk' could watch over proposed park

Aug 24, 2012 - Ken Outliff, Riverton


I am looking forward to what the city decides to do with the vacant corner on Main Street where the dry cleaner business was. Now they say the want to make it over into a park. That's a pretty dinky park, but if it got turned into a lite space with some benches and some trees, it might be a nice spot on a summer afternoon.

One thing that doesn't sound right to me was when the administrator said there would be a fence put up around it. A fence around a park? Our city parks don't have fences, and what would this little spot look like if it were all fenced in? I would disagree with that part of the idea.

I guess what the city is worried about is having all the drunks passed out, fighting and putting the rush on pedestrians for money all day long. That is hard to say. I bet one reason most of the bums and drunkards stay in the park is because they are pretty much left alone. I don't have a business here, but if I did I think I would not be too shy about telling a drunk or a panhandler to take it somewhere else if it was right in front of my business.

One thing I used to see wen I lived back east in Pennsylvania was a "cop on the walk," which was a police officer in uniform who walked the downtown area as his shift. Maybe if we had that here the cop on the walk could keep an eye on this new park if it gets built. I would be a very nice add-on to downtown Riverton if they kept it clean and safe. These are just a few of my thoughts to talk over.

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