Cordelia S. Eagle Goggles

Aug 23, 2012 Staff

Cordelia S. Eagle Goggles died Monday, Aug. 20, 2012, at the Riverton Memorial Hospital surrounded by her family. She was 78 years old.

Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 25, at 26 Arroyo Lane in rural Riverton. Burial will be at the Wolfrang Cemetery. A service will be at 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24, at 26 Arroyo Lane, with an all night wake to follow.

Cordelia S. Eagle Goggles was born Aug. 27, 1933, to Marion S. Eagle and Mary Rose Shakespeare S. Eagle in Arapahoe.

She attended boarding school at St. Stephens Mission and Riverton High School. She graduated from Thermopolis High School.

In 1953 she married Ernest Goggles Sr. They later divorced. She lived with longtime companion Earl Hutchinson.

Her family said she enjoyed race horses in her younger years, rodeos, pow-wows, going to the casino, sweats, NAC meetings, family gatherings, graduations and spending time with family.

She is survived by her daughter, Mary Rose Goggles; sons Ernest Simpson Goggles Jr., Ezzra James Goggles Sr. and Thomas Marion Goggles and companion Melinda Whiteman; grandchildren Deneica R. Barrett, Danielle Z. Barrett, Eligah Grant Barrett III and wife Alexis, Marie Rose Chavez, Tesla Monique Goggles, Ezra James Goggles Jr., Ralen Goggles, Ranell Wanstall; great-grandchildren Emil J. Larkin, Sean M. Smith, Nyielle R. Lawson, Wynnielle Z. Edwards, Seth Arthur, Ranelle Jr, Caden and Ryisha Wanstall; sisters Alberta and John Goggles, Evangeline C'Hair, Florita Eagle, Marlene Wolfrang, Ava and Delmar Hamilton, June, Debra, Mary and S. Cheri Shakespeare, Donna and Lloyd Cummings, Lorrenia Mosqueda, Alice Molash, Ursula Sankey, Darlene and Marty Conrad, Doreen and Gordina Whiting, Irma Groesbeck, Ruth Mary and Robert J. Goggles and Arlene Brown; brothers Everett Eagle Sr., William "Sonny" Shakespeare, Crawford White Sr., Nelson White Sr., and Alfred Oldman; aunts Dorothy Gambler, Geraldine Brown, Anita Portwood, M. Patricia Dodge Lieuallen, Matilda, Vera, Rose, Roechelle, Louise, Julie and MaryAnn C'hair; uncles Aloysious Willow, William, Wayne, Raymond, Ambrose, Kenny, Tyrone, Gary, Jude, John and David C'hair, Kennethy Shakespeare, Richard Shakespeare, George West Shakespeare, Tony Wolfrang, John and Robert "Bobby" Warren and Oliver Red Cloud of Pine Ridge, S.D.; extended families Shakespeare, C'Hair, Gambler, Warren, Blackburn, Willow, C'Bearing, SittingEagle, Bell, Hutchinson, Goggles, Valdez, Wallowingbull and famly of Robert and Estelle Mount of Hays, Mont.; daughters Aleta Gould, Morietta, Cassie and Cori Duran, Vana Warren, Daelynne Whitewolf, Lorene Shakespeare, Odessa, Dallas and Edelche Eagle, Darilyne Dodge, LaDonna Dewey, Alynne Whitebuffalo, J. Sena and SharLae Cummings, Lisa Molash, Kendra and Leora LoneBear, Kenni 'Kat' and Kimberlee Gould, Laura M. Gould,

LaKendra J Gould-Penn, Jennifer and Jonetta Shakespeare, Lyndsey Hereford, Kirstie O'Neal, Windsong, Rosebud and Misty Shakespeare, Valaria Arkinson, Alta Hill, Janice Charley and Lisa Brown Duran; sons Marion "Doc" Oldman, Newell, Alfred, Verdale, Forrest, Kincaid, Randy and Kenny Duran, Everett Eagle Jr., Jessie Hamilton, Benjamin Goggles, Derek, Dimitri Gould, Mitchell Mosqueda, Lloyd Goggles, Henry Goggles Jr., Mark C'hair, Aloysious C'hair, Leo LoneBear III, Cody Eagle, Donnie Enos, Ray III, Ethan, Thomas WhiteBuffalo, Faron Shakespeare, Patrick and Jeremy Dewey, Wm. Shakespeare, Harris Cummings, Leslie Shakespeare, Corey Shakespeare Jr. and Collin Cole; and adopted sons Darrell Hutchinson and Florene, Owen Rouillard, C. Larry White Jr. and Deidre, George Leonard, Loydene Hill and Denise, Hector Fox, Daniel Fox, Johnson Roanhorse and Lavonne, Daniel "Binky" Brown, Virgil Amos, Henry "Bob" Goggles, Ty Trosper, Theron Spoonhunter, Wesley Antelope Sr., Nolan WallingBull, Gerald and Ronnie Loneman, Lance Oldman and James Amos.

She was preceded in death by her son, Levi Lane Goggles; brother Edward Sitting Eagle Sr.; sisters Gloria S. Eagle Duran and Catherine Loneman; and adopted son Dominic Gardner Sr.

Services are under the direction of the Hudson's Funeral Home of Lander.

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