'R-I-R' on new bleachers really is just 'R-R'

Aug 23, 2012 Rhonda Princippe, Riverton


I never really went to many high school football games at the old Tonkin Stadium bowl, but I am looking forward now to seeing them play at the new "Wolverine Field" at the high school. I walk the bike paths in the summer, and I saw them doing the new concession stand and seats. I saw the picture in the paper of how it looked when it was done.

I have a question about the white seats in with the red seats on the new bleachers. Why have they spelled out "R-I-R" in that upper section? Does it stand for something, or a slogan? Somebody said it means "Retire in Riverton," which did make me smile.

Does anyone know?


Editors note: What some people say looks like an "I" between the two capital "R" letters in the new grandstand section actually is simply the metal aisle between the two seating areas.

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