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Thanks for new art at RHS that doesn't show drinking

Aug 22, 2012 - Joan Claren, Riverton


I see there are some new art murals on the wall of the high school in Riverton -- and neither one of them shows anybody consuming alcohol.

It just goes to show that there are lots of good examples of fine, beautiful paintings that could put up on the wall of the high school that don't show alcohol consumption.

Some of your newspaper readers may go to Denver now and then. If you are in the lower downtown or "Lodo" area, you will notice the same picture of people sitting at their "wine picnic" painted on a big brick wall. And what's inside the building with the painting on it? A bar, of course.

It doesn't make you a hick from the sticks if you disagree with art showing alcohol on a school building. I never liked how people tried to do that just because a complaint was raised that is completely fair.

Mainly I want to say thanks for the new art works at the high school, and for not doing something that will be controversial. No we can just appreciate the paintings.

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