Pavillion, Dubois have county's highest tax rates in coming year

Aug 21, 2012 By Martin Reed, Staff Writer

Dubois has county's only adult education mill levy, plus highest cemetery district levy at 1.184 mills.

Pavillion-area landowners again have the highest overall property tax rate in Fremont County under the 2012 mill levies approved by commissioners this month.

Still paying off a school bond assessment, Pavillion landowners have a levy of 82.543 mills for 2012, more than the 82.28 mills assessed last year and slightly less than the 82.546 mills in 2010.

The town's district had the highest property tax levy in the county during the past two years.

Pavillion continues to have bonds related to Wind River School District 6 as a contributing factor, with 2012 seeing the property tax levy including 6.317 mills.


Landowners in Dubois have the county's second-highest overall property tax levy at 78.746, which is a drop from the 79 mills assessed last year but more than the 78.33 mills in 2010.

Property taxes in Dubois and the surrounding area include the county's only adult education mill levy at 2 mills in addition to the highest cemetery district levy at 1.184 mills.

Commission chairman Doug Thompson asked about the life of the adult education mill levy in Dubois.

"It's there until somebody puts it on the ballot to take it off," Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese said. "We checked on it last year. It's open-ended."

Levy formula

Mill levies, combined with the assessed valuation for a particular area, determines property tax

revenues received by taxing entities in the county.

For landowners throughout the county, the bulk of their property taxes comes from school district assessments at the usual 43 mills.

There also 23.312 mills for countywide functions including 12 mills for county government that entails the general fund, library, fair, recreation and museum.

It also includes 6.452 mills for Central Wyoming College services, which includes nearly 1 mill for the construction bond.

The countywide levy also covers 3 mills for the solid waste district and 1.86 mills for weed and pest purposes. Last year the countywide levy was at 23.317 mills.

Other factors adding to the overall levy include 5 mills for municipal government, 3 mills for fire protection and between .5 and 1 mill for recreation districts.

School bonds, cemetery districts and Board of Cooperative Education Services added to the mill levies in some cases.

Other county mills

The property tax levy in the City of Riverton district totaled 77.744 mills, while surrounding areas are about 5 mills less from the lack of a municipal assessment. The City of Riverton's total was 77.857 mills last year.

In Lander and Hudson property owners have 78.181 mills compared to 78.069 mills in 2011. Jeffrey City and some areas outside of Lander are at 73.181 mills, an uptick from 73.069 mills last year.

The levy for property owners in Shoshoni is 76.039 mills, while surrounding areas are about 5 mills less because of the lack of a municipality's levy.

The Shoshoni Cemetery and County Fire District had the lowest total in the county this year at 71.039 mills, compared to last year's 70.874 mills for the area known as the Lysite Water and Sewer District.

The 2012 levy in the Wyoming Indian school district is 78.091 mills, which includes 5.409 mills for school bonds, while the levy is 72.382 mills in the Fort Washakie school district.


Approval of the levies as presented by county assessor Tara Berg generated some concerns about mills not matching budgets presented by the fire districts for the county rural and Dubois areas.

"Both of those in their budgets have requested more than they're actually going to have," Berg said.

Each fire district can levy up to 3 mills, but the budget amount requested by the Dubois district equated to 3.258 mills while the county district totaled 3.38 mills.

"I think following our procedure, they need to have a revised budget or amended budget," Berg said.

Additional concerns arose because Fremont County School District 38 in Arapahoe failed to provide the county government with appropriate budgeting information to justify the requested mill levy. The school district plans to give correct documentation to the county.

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