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Cost on trash disposal is a 'royal pain in the neck'

Feb 20, 2012 Bill Jacobs Missouri Valley


I wish the Fremont County Commissioners could explain the rationale for the waste disposal fee structure at locations where we have paid to have scales installed.

I'm questioning why we pay a minimum charge for specific vehicles and trailers instead of a simple 4 cents per pound, period.

I can see the Missouri Valley transfer station from my house. However, as I am in town every week anyway and also recycle everything I can, I have always taken my trash to the Riverton bale station.

It takes the two of us several months to generate 200 pounds of trash. Before these fees were instituted we would stop by the bale station perhaps every couple weeks with a few pounds of trash.

Now, if I don't want to get royally ripped off by Fremont County Solid Waste, I have to hoard trash for several months. This is a royal pain in the neck that people in town don't have to put up with.

I understand that the scale at the Riverton bale station is accurate to within a few pounds. My objection is having to pay $5 to dispose of perhaps 15 pounds of trash; that is considerably more than 4 cents a pound.

I have already contacted the new head of Fremont County Solid Waste, and he informed me that they feel the present structure is fine and they don't plan to change it.

I have to wonder if he lives in town.

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