City needs consistency in every area of authority

Aug 16, 2012 Jeff Golden, Riverton


In response to Mike Trent's letter to the editor about "city lacking consistency in day care issue," I would say that Mr. Trent said more than was necessary.

The words "in day care issue" didn't even need to be in there to make the point. "City lacks consistency" is more like it, no matter what the issue is at the time.

If it is snow removal in the winter, or buidling code rules, loud noise, or the police enforcing something like riding bikes on the sidewalk (that is one of my real complaints in Riverton), you can never be sure what you are going to get one day to the next.

In the primary election there are several candidates running to be on the Riverton City Council. If they make it, they really need to work on making the city a place where we the people know what to expect from the police, the trash service, the inspectors and other departments.

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