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Thanks for county fair coverage, news staff

Aug 15, 2012 Helen Potts, Riverton


The Ranger's coverage of the Fremont County Fair was absolutely incredible.

The photographs reflected happy, proud exhibitors. The descriptions were bright and cleverly written. We saw and read about almost everything --from goats to bees, from pickles to pies, rabbits to flowers, even back pockets of jeans stuffed with prize ribbons and money.

Headlines and stories were sharp as tack. One told us "It isn't about the ribbons," and we wondered about that. So, it must have been about people --old and young, laughter sharing, earning, eating, old friends, warm feelings, and on and on.

Your readers are grateful to each staff person for reporting the 2012 Fremont County Fair. It was a delightful experience. We will need to get a running start to pass in future years the pleasure we've had in 2012. Thank you for outstanding reporting.

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