More parents need to 'step right up and do something'

Aug 12, 2012 Michelle M. Kiggins, Riverton

Recently, I went on a family outing. In our area there have been many available summer activities and things for families to do, but this event was special because it was a birthday celebration. So we decided to do things as a family and chose as a family to go to the theater. We wanted to be first in line and watch the late-night premiere, which we were. Sometimes going to the theater is what we choose to do, but as family members, community members, and concerned citizens we have to speak-out when something goes terribly wrong.

Well, to make a long story short; during this recent outing there was seemingly alcohol consumption at the beginning of the premiere of a really cool superhero. This alcohol consumption was very odorous and pungent. So pungent that I had to slip away and boldly tell the managers.

The bottom line issue was, one of my children was seated right next to these individuals who decided that they should drink or consume alcoholic beverages during the movie. As the problem persisted, the noxious odor and behavior in-turn influenced me and my child because they kept asking him what they had missed out on when they took turns running to and from the bathroom to get a swig of their alcohol.

What I'm saying is, because this was one of my son's favorite superheroes he didn't make a move nor did he say anything to them, he just kept giving me the look. However, I'm glad he didn't make a scene because we were sitting in the front row.

What would you do? One issue is because he his a kid should've he said something or should've I as the parent step right up and do something?

My answer is yes, it was my call to do something, but I was the only parent who did. No one else chose to make a move or chose to say anything even though this behavior was quite obvious as it was happening the front row of the theater. Seriously, you don't miss anything if something's going on in the front row of the theater, and the theater was packed.

My dilemma is this, after the recent events surrounding the premiere of one of America's most favorite superheroes, should these events be surrounded by misconduct, lewd behavior or subject to accidents?

It's true my situation was unique and also quite infuriating but troubling nonetheless as this was a family event and we were really enjoying the evening because it was a special birthday celebration. My frustration is two-fold, and my concern is from the perspective of a caring parent. Why was I the only one who noticed and said something, and why did this have to happen?

As a parent I have chosen to accompany my children when it's a family outing, I sit with them at any age, I talk with them, and I get to know them, because it's true you never know when things might go awry even during a family outing especially in today's society.

It's very sad that these things do occur and our hearts go out to the families who have witnessed and have been subject to these types of situations.

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