Lemon raspberry cheesecake ice cream wins blue ribbon in annual county fair contest

Aug 11, 2017 From staff reports

Six teams comprising 32 competitors entered the annual Fremont County Fair Ice Cream Freeze Off on Saturday, judged for the 26th consecutive time by the Ranger news staff.

The competition was close with five of the six entries receiving at least one first-place vote.

A lemon raspberry cheesecake ice cream created by a team named Ice Whoopin' came away with the blue ribbon.

Tanya and Clint Santee, and Courtney and Jeremy Hill, made the winning flavor. The ice cream had a lemony base with whole raspberries and chunks of graham cracker crust in each serving.

Two of the eighth judges gave Ice Whoopin' their first-place votes, and the team got four second-place votes as well.

Placing second by a one-point margins was a mint chocolate chip concoction entered by the Cool Kids team. Their place green ice cream was the firmest at the time of judging, forming a compact scoop in judges' bowls. The ice cream had a bright mind flavor with whole chocolate chips for contrast.

The Cool Kids actually outpolled the winners in first-place votes, garnering threes, but the rest of the judging panel was less enthusiastic. Team members were Addison Peart, Grayson Peart, Kinley Peart, Cassie Bulow and Callie Bulow.

Placing third was the biggest team in the field, dubbed Maybe It's Mapelline. Contributing were Lill Lewis, Nick Lewis, Doug Lewis, Kaycee Lewis, Jordan Lewis, Mary Hines, Chailynn Hines, Keeton Paumer and Tori Henderson.

Their creamy maple nut ice finished no worse than fourth on any judge's ballot, with one rating it first and two others voting it second.

Two teams of Girl Scouts entered the competition, and one of them got fourth-place honors. Both the team's name and its ice cream has the same name: Samoas. The vanilla based had crumbled Samoa girls Scout cookies mixed in.

Samoas team members were Savanna Warren, Molly Bornhaft, Destiny Warren, Tatum Loomis and Moriah Miller.

The fifth-place ice cream came from the Rockin' Reeds, who made peach ice cream using a vanilla base with fresh peach slices. The ice cream got a first-place vote, a second and a third from the newspaper judges. Team members were Brandon, Kaya and Ethan Reed, along with Gerri Boesch.

Completing Saturday's field was another Girl Scout team, the Thin Mints, this one also named for the ice cream the girls were making. After creating a basic vanilla ice cream, the team added Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies to the bowl.

The timing of the contest just after the junior livestock sale and before the demolition derby brought many passers-by, with most of the ice cream eaten up through free samples to spectators. All the ice cream had firmed up about 20 minutes after judging, and contestants may be given more time in future events.

Attending the ice cream freeze-off were fair royalty members Jazlynn Dickinson (princess) Bailey Baxter (junior queen) and Keegan Thacker (ambassador).

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