Tribes' case 'didn't get any better' just because new lawyers are hired

Aug 11, 2017 William Lien, Riverton


You asked for opinions of the new lawyers hired by the two Indian tribes here to take on the border case.

It was lawyers who created this as an issue in the first place, just like the voter rights case that made the county switch to districts for the county commission and lowered voter turnout here, when we used to have some of the highest in the whole United States.

Their case on the border didn't get any better just because they have new lawyers. But if you spend enough on lawyers, maybe you can get somewhere.

I feel sorry for the state lawyers who have to fight this along with everything else they have got going. If there were a petition or something that allowed ordinary people to contribute to the state legal fund, maybe to bring on extra help, I would give money to help out.

If you can't win on the points of your legal case, they you try to win by overload. That is what is happening now, in my opinion.

(By the way, my grandfather was a lawyer, and it can be a great profession. I am not smart enough for it.)

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