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Kindly, helpful people helped ease the loss of family tribute

Aug 10, 2012 Phil Aspinwall, Riverton


Not long ago I wrote a letter to the editor about some hanging baskets with brightly colored flowers that I had put up as a tribute to my deceased dad and sister.

I was upset that someone would actually take something like that, not only from us but from all who walk and drive by and admire them.

This was a cruel and evil action done by a person or persons who felt like they are entitled to whatever they want by just taking it. This is not the quiet, considerate town I was raised in. It is becoming more like a bigger city where theft and cruelty is a way of life. Someone driving a car through Walmart. Murders and burning a trailer down. Big drug stings and arrests. It is getting bad, and it's going to take a just town and its people to stop the momentum of this problem.

Now, after saying that, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the wonderful people who brought beautiful hanging baskets over, people of this town we don't even know, after you published my letter of disgust that our baskets were stolen. Kind and loving people brought baskets over. Now this is the Riverton I was raised in. Neighbor helping neighbor, and friend helping friend.

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