Wind River Roundup winds down

Aug 2, 2017 By Randy Tucker, Staff Writer

World champion bull rider Sage Steele Kimzey reigned supreme in the final event of the night.

The two-day Wind River Roundup Rodeo was a success, with intense competition and an array of former and defending PRCA national champion cowboys and cowgirls.

A total of $21,138.60 was paid out in prize money to the top competitors in seven different events and local cowboys fared well.

Riverton's John Henry Franzen took top honors in steer wrestling, dropping his animal in a swift 3.5 seconds and taking home $1,052.80 in prize money.

Andy Clarys, also of Riverton, won a heavily-contested saddle bronc event that featured 27 total entries.Clary's score of 780 on a horse named First Dealer beat second-place cowboy Allen Boore of Axtell, Utah by two points.Clarys took home $985.12 in prize money.

Bull riding is always a favorite event at any rodeo, but only one man was able to stay on for the full eight seconds, the other 13 entries were thrown before the horn sounded.

Sage Steele Kimzey of Strong City, Oklahoma is the reigning world champion and sports five total championships in college level and PRCA competition over the last four years.

Kimzey scored 90.5 on a bull named Big Slick on Monday night and edged nearer the million-dollar mark in prize money, taking home $2,141.20.

The entry of national champion cowboys like Kimzey is a tribute to the quality of the Wind River Roundup and evidence of the hard work John Campbell and his team did in bringing this high level of competition to Fremont County.

Bareback riding was the only event not covered on both nights with no competitors on Monday, but a pair of Wyoming cowboys earned prize money on Tuesday.

Weston Garrett of Gillette scored 73.0 on Black Velvet, while Riverton's own Luke Higgins tallied a 64.0 on Smoke Show.Garrett earned $858.22 and Higgins $702.18 for their 8-second rides.

Barrel racing featured 20 cowgirls entered, with Laura Lambert of Wiggins, Colorado, running the triangular course in 17.66 seconds for a prize of $808.40, .15 seconds faster than Jessi Fish of Franklin, Tennessee.

Rodeo has just one team event and team roping often features older, more experience cowboys in the competition.

Team roping paid out the top money in this year's rodeo with a total prize of $7,050 split between six scoring teams.

Clayton Van Aken of Descanso, California and partner Cullen Teller from Fort Collins,Colorado, won the event and $2,044.50 in 5.3 seconds, just a tenth of a second faster than Fruita, Colorado's, Garrett Tonozzi and his healer, Wyatt Cox fromArroyo Grande, California.The duo took home $1,692.

Finishing in a very close third place, just .10 behind second was header Erich Rogers from Round Rock, Arizona and his teammate Cory Petska of Marana, Arizona, they earned $1,339.50 for their third-place performance in just 5.5 seconds.

Wind River Roundup Rodeo results

Bareback riding: Total prize - $1,560.40: 1. Weston Garrett, Gillette, WY, 73.0, $852.22; 2. Luke Higgins, Riverton, WY, 64.0, $702.18

Steer wrestling: Total prize - $2,632.00: 1. John Henry Franzen, Riverton, Wyoming, 3.5, $1052.80; 2. Tom Lewis, Lehi, Utah, 3.8, $789.60; 3. Jarret New, Wimberly, Texas, 3.9, $526.40, 4. Miguel Garcia, Kaycee, Wyoming, 4.0, $263.20

Team roping: Total prize - $7,050.00: 1. Clayton Van Aken, Descanso, California, Cullen Teller, Fort Collins, Colorado, 5.3 $2,044.50; 2. Garrett Tonozzi, Fruita, Colorado, Wyatt Cox, Arroyo Grande, California, 5.4, $1,692; 3. Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Arizona, Cory Petska, Marana, Arizona, 5.5, $1,339.50; 4. Tory Shaffer, Fort Lupton, Colorado, Jason DeVore, Fort Lupton, Colorado, 6.2, $787.00; 5. Logan Milligan, Torrington, Wyoming, Leroy Milligan, Torrington, Wyoming, 6.4; $634.50; 6. Casey Adams, Ault, Colorado, Riley Pedro, Honolulu, Hawaii,10.5, $352.50

Saddle bronc: Total prize - $2,462.80: 1. Andy Clarys, Riverton, Wyoming, 78.0, $985. 12, 2. Allen Boore, Axtell, Utah, $615.70 / Landon Mecham, Tropic, Utah, 76.0,; $615.70; 4. Tyler Turco, Franktown, Colorado, $246.28

Tie down roping: Total prize - $2021.00: 1. Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Arizona, 8.8, $808.40; 2. Seth Hall, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 9.0, $606.30; 3. Joey Dickens, Loveland, Colorado, 9.2, $404.20; 4. Kip Jesser, Longmont, Colorado, 9.6, $202.10

Barrel racing: Total prize - $3,271.20: 1. Laura Lambert, Wiggins, Colorado, 17.66, $752.37; 2. Jessi Fish, Franklin, Tennessee, 17.81, $654.24; 3. Kaylee Burnett, Eden, Wyoming, 17.82, $556.10; 4. Tasha Welsh, Dublin, Texas, 17.84, $457.96; 5. Taryn Boxleitner, Loveland, Colorado, 18.02, $359.83; 6. Carmel Wright, Roy, Montana, 18.03, $261.69; 7. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, Victoria, Texas, 18.05, $163.56; 8. Carla Beckett, Laramie, Wyoming, 18.06, $65.42

Bull riding: Total Prize - $2,141.20: 1. Sage Steele Kimzey, Strong City, OK $2,141.20

Total prize all events - $21,138.60

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Chance Ames of Big Piney opened Tuesday night's Wind River Roundup in bareback bronc riding. Photo by Randy Tucker

Chance Ames of Big Piney opened Tuesday night's Wind River Roundup in bareback bronc riding. Photo by Randy Tucker

Chance Ames of Big Piney opened Tuesday night's Wind River Roundup in bareback bronc riding. Photo by Randy Tucker

Chance Ames of Big Piney opened Tuesday night's Wind River Roundup in bareback bronc riding. Photo by Randy Tucker

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