Visitor who went 'overboard' over butt crack ought to stay in Texas

Aug 9, 2012 Roger Forrest, Riverton


I would like to know who this Kelly Barber from Huntsville, Texas, thinks he (or she) is in writing a letter to the editor trashing the whole community of Riverton because he (or she) saw someone's butt crack in a restaurant.

She (or he) makes it sound like it wasn't even safe to stop for gas or get out of the car because some disgusting Riverton person was going to come running up and show her (or him) a butt crack.

This was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. Talk about going overboard. I don't like the low-rider pants, either, but to come off so holier than thou because you saw something in a restaurant is out of line.

He (or she) makes out like all of Riverton is lewd or filthy because of this, and how lily-pure Rock Springs is compared to Riverton, or how something like this could never, ever happen in that wonderful state of Texas. (That's a laugh --I've been there.)

What a load of bull. If you are so scared to stop for a sandwich in town because you might see someone with their pants not pulled all the way up, please, please stay in Texas, where I'm sure everyone is dressed like a fashion model all the time.

And while you are at it, get a life.

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