Phone scam uses trick to make calls appear to be from Wyoming DFS

Jul 14, 2017 From staff reports

Wyoming Department of Family Services employees are reporting that citizens are being called by what appears to be a state-affiliated phone number beginning with 307-777. When answered, recipients are asked personal information such as names and Social Security numbers. This is a form of "spoofing," where the scammer makes a phone call and is able to use another phone number to populate the recipient's caller ID to make it look as if it is an official state agency phone number.

Public telephone networks often provide caller ID information, which includes the caller's name and number, with each call. However, some technologies, especially in voice-over IP (VoIP) networks, allow callers to forge caller ID information and present false names and numbers.

Gateways between networks that allow such spoofing and other public networks, then forward that false information.

Because spoofed calls can originate from other countries, the laws in the receiver's country may not apply to the caller. This limits the law's effectiveness against the use of spoofed caller ID information.

Wyoming Department of Family Services should only need an individual(s) personal information if that person has applied for a specific program(s), such as SNAP.

It is unlikely that a DFS representative would not schedule a call with a client.

Anyone receiving an unscheduled phone call and being asked for your personal information should not give any information to the caller. Call a DFS caseworker immediately to report such a call.

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