Author to meet readers, sign books Thursday in Riverton

Aug 8, 2012 By Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

Author Robert Greer said the inspiration for his latest book, "Astride a Pink Horse," is simple.

"It all started with a deactivated missile silo," Greer said.

The novelist will be in Riverton promoting his 13th book at noon Thursday, Aug. 9, at Books and Briar, 313 E. Main St.

Greer describes his novel as a change from his regular mystery work -- it is the first political thriller he has written.

"Part of the novel is set in Wyoming, largely due to the fact that I own a cattle ranch outside of Wheatland," Greer said. "There is a deactivated missile silo about five or six miles down from where I live that beckoned me to find out more about it. After researching missile silos, I decided this would prove to be great inspiration for a novel."

Greer's novel traces a crime committed in modern-day Wyoming back to World War ll and Hiroshima, Japan. The story connects a variety of issues from land use for ranchers to anti-nuclear protests, the internment of Japanese-Americans at Wyoming's Heart Mountain and the way reporting has progressed to the digital age.

"My novel really encompasses a range of topics that is different from my usual novels," Greer said.

After touring his book in Colorado, California and Arizona, Greer's publisher, Random House, suggested he make Wyoming a priority because his book is set in the state.

Greer lives in Denver but travels to Wyoming extensively to spend time at his cattle ranch.

"I am in Wyoming pretty much 150 days of the year, so I am familiar with the area and excited to target a new audience," Greer said.

Greer said he is friends with Wyoming novelists C.J. Box and Craig Johnson and is excited at the opportunity to have a presence in the state as well.

He said he has visited Riverton a couple of times and had car trouble on his most recent trip.

"The last time I was passing through Riverton, I had a flat tire in front of a tire store," Greer said. "Although it was unfortunate about the tire, I was very fortunate to break down where I didn't have to go too far to have it fixed."

Greer said he hopes his visit to Books and Briar will attract a new audience who will want to see what his writing is all about.

"I am really looking forward to the opportunity to come and meet some new people and discuss my book with readers," Greer said.

For more information on the book signing, call 856-1797.

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