City lacking consistency in day care issue

Aug 7, 2012 Mike Trent, Riverton


There is something lacking in how the city is handling the problem of the person who wants to open a day care over on Big Horn Drive, and that is consistency. This is not the first time in Riverton that a new council or mayor has come into office and not had any idea how things had been handled before. That is what the staff is there to help with, but they do not seem to remember much about past day cares either. Now it's pretty mixed up.

A few years ago we dug up the streets for the Main Street project, and remember how they didn't have a very good idea of whee the water pipes even were underground, and also the old war memorial bell?

With the day care, the city is going to have to decide on something that will be unfair to one side or the other. Maybe if they had made a policy and stuck to it a long time ago and remembered it, then this problem would not have come along.

And I also ask myself: Why is somebody with such little experience or recall of city matters giving out advice on opening a day care in a neighborhood?

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is not the first time something like this has gone on. How many more times will it happen? This won't be the last.

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