Tuesday notes

Aug 7, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

Different light

The calendar is well into August now, and the daylight clearly is shortening. We're still having nice, long days with light extending well past 8:30 p.m., but the seemingly endless twilight of June is now well behind us.

Is this nature's way of telling us to relish the summer that we have left? A month from now fall, unmistakably, will be in the air -- and the light. Make the most of it while we have it.

Fair farewell

We've come to the end of the Fremont County Fair for another year, but not to the end of The Ranger's coverage of it.

We've got more words and pictures in today's edition, and perhaps for a few more after that. Then, later in the month, look for the annual Fremont County Fair Scrapbook edition, with youth thank-yous, complete fair results, and more pictures, of course. As usual, it will be a keeper.


Speaking of the fair, for the longest portion of its 99-year history, this was the week or two when it would be getting started. Now, with school starting sooner than it used to, the Wyoming State Fair takes place earlier, too, so most of the county fairs have been adjusted to start earlier.

And, as longtime fair watchers and fair historians know, in the older days it started after Labor Day and was much closer to being a true exhibition of harvest time than the mid-summer fair is today.

Old pictures from those days show huge pumpkins, baskets of ripe apples, and more mature calves and lambs.

Times change, and so has the fair -- but only to a point. Its core mission and function endure, regardless of the date.

London's games

We're a bit past the halfway point of the 2012 summer Olympics, and the London games have not disappointed in terms of competition, inspiration and every kind of astonishment.

Trying to choose the best moment of the games so far would yield as many nominations as there were nominators, but that is sure indication of the strength of the 2012 games. There has been something for everyone so far, and we've still got six days to go.

And Bolt, by the way, is brilliant.

Near miss for Newlin

One last Olympic note. Riverton's own Brett Newlin came within inches of winning a medal in London when he and his eight-man boat nearly rowed into history after falling well behind in last Wednesday's final round.

As it was, the U.S. eight took fourth, with Newlin in the first seat. It was an outstanding performance, and any disappointment ought to be counterbalanced by pride.

Newlin is getting married next month, and he's expected to retire from rowing competition now -- following two appearances in the Olympic Games and a neckful of medals from international competitions covering nearly a decade. Brett, your community, your county, your state and your nation salute you.

Here's to a good week.

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