Candidate's positive attitude and campaign are refreshing

Aug 5, 2012 Dwayne C. Oldham, Lander


I would like to express the appreciation I have for the refreshing candidate I see in Mr. Lloyd Larsen. Mr. Larsen believes the American dream is still alive and it radiates from him in his campaign. He clearly expresses the entrepreneurship attitude and stands for the things that make it possible to flourish in this great state of Wyoming.

He has concerns for over regulation by state government which often interferes with the ability to succeed as an entrepreneur. He is clear and stands on his conservative views without wavering and has a very confident conviction to his ideals.

Mr. Larsen believes every American deserves a shot at opportunity and as a candidate for House District 54, he has expressed his dedication to ensure this opportunity continues for every person here in Wyoming. Mr. Larsen has built a career in the mineral industry and has a background in agriculture. These are two very important industries in Wyoming; minerals being the life blood of Wyoming and our tax base with agriculture being an important cultural and economic part of Wyoming.

I know this first hand as a practicing veterinarian and rancher. Mr. Larsen's experience with owning and operating his own business has given him the ability to make decisions based upon facts with an expectation of results.

The most appealing thing Mr. Larsen brings to the table is the positive attitude he has every day. He is running a positive campaign with strong, clear views something often hard to find in today's campaigns.

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