CWC Jackson Center to set education as priority over parking space

May 14, 2017 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The initial design document for the future Central Wyoming College center in Jackson called for 42 parking spaces, but due to space constraints at the property identified in Jakcson for the facility, organizers say the college may have to look at community partnerships instead to provide additional space for automobiles

Teton County voters this month agreed to spend $3.82 million from a special purpose excise tax on property and architectural and engineering designs for the center, which is slated to serve students in culinary arts, nursing, allied health and outdoor education, as well as those seeking foundational courses, business degrees, entrepreneurial success classes and more.

The lots identified for the center are on Veronica Lane, and project spokesperson Annaliese Wieder-spahn said they only have space for about 11,000 square feet of construction.

Initially, administrators were hoping the building would cover 24,300 square feet.

The change in scale means the firm hired to produce architectural and engineering plans for the center will prioritize making room for classrooms, laboratories and offices over parking on the college's property.

Wiederspahn said pathways will be built on the site to give students access to public transportation.

The project does not currently include a housing element.


Funding to construct the facility will likely be generated through private donations. Wiederspahn said a fundraising effort has already been initiated and is "making some pretty good headway."

"We're working on the capital campaign," she said. "(We're) working with all the stakeholders to try to drive the train forward."

The final cost for the center's construction will be determined once architectural and engineering designs are complete, but Wiederspahn thinks close to $8 million will be required.

Currently, the college's programs use the Jackson Center for the Arts and other small, shared spaces scattered throughout the community.

The setup provides numerous challenges for students, from technology constraints to limited curriculum options that can delay graduation.

The lack of a central location also limits the number of people CWC can serve in Jackson.

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