Compassion and support are hallmarks of senior center

Apr 26, 2017 Chris Hamilton, Riverton


One step in the door of the Riverton Senior Citizens Center revealed a special place filled with warmth, good food, fun, and everyday reasons to celebrate. I thank my lucky stars that I made that initial trip down to the Center. I was immediately greeted by people who genuinely wish to better our world through small acts of kindness. They took the time to listen to what was happening in my world. They informed me of the services they offer that might improve the quality of my life, and helped me get those services setup.

Since I began socializing and attending events at the Riverton Senior Citizens Center, the quality of my life has taken a dramatic leap for the positive. I am eternally grateful to the kindness and hospitality offered to me at this place.

One of the most important things this community offers is a sense of commitment and dependability. I know that when I need a good meal and friends to socialize with, I can count on the center to be there for me. Monday through Friday, breakfast and lunch are served, at a very affordable rate. Prices are recommended, but seniors may adjust what they actually pay based on what they can afford. The meals are mighty tasty. My daughter says it's the best kept secret in town.

When I was injured this winter, I couldn't get out of the house. This is when home-delivered meals through the senior center) stepped in, making sure I had a hot lunch and someone to visit with each day. Words alone cannot express the heartfelt gratitude I feel for the people that made sure I was taken care of each day during that difficult time.

The bus service is an exceptional offering as well. It's so easy. For $75 a month I ride the bus all over town. This service allows me the freedom to get around town anytime I need during the week. I take the bus to doctor appointments, stores, and the center itself. The care and consideration shown to me by the drivers just astounds me.

This really takes a burden off my family and reassures me that I can be


Seniors in our community merge to socialize in this relaxing and caring environment. So many activities each day, it's truly incredible. The center has a pool room filled with really nice pool tables. My daughter says they are the best tables in the whole town.

One of my favorite events is the monthly bingo night. The

cooks prepare a super meal, and you get to play 10-15 games of bingo, all for less than a meal at a restaurant. The staff works really hard each month to round up donations from local merchants.

Another pleasant activity is cards. Throughout the week many styles of card games are played. All you have to do is show up and join a team. Other ways to socialize and unwind include arts and crafts, dance classes, yoga, tai chi, puzzles, visiting the library, or using a computer in the computer room.

The center is a haven for folks looking to connect with others. I can attest to power of compassion and support this facility provides the seniors of Riverton. I thank each and every staff member, volunteer, and all the great people who head down there each day to hang out and have fun.

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