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Say 'absolutely no' to horse slaughter plan for Riverton

Aug 2, 2012 - Mary E. Tasi, Riverton


I have taken the editor's advice about not reacting emotionally to the horse slaughter facility proposed for Riverton. Horses are, admittedly an emotional topic for me.

Emotions aside, I am still strongly opposed to horse slaughter. Anyone who has been around horses for any length of time knows horses are emotional animals and they mirror the emotions of people. This explains why horses lined up awaiting slaughter scream in terror. They know what is happening and are programmed to survive. Responsible ownership, responsible breeding, rescue organizations, and therapeutic riding programs are viable alternatives to slaughter.

A horse slaughter facility may bring jobs to Riverton. They will not pay livable wages and they will be distasteful jobs at best. A job when there is no other option may help, but this is not a career path; it's a stop-gap job which does nothing to benefit people or the community. If given another option, people will work elsewhere. No matter what propaganda we are fed about this so-called "win-win" proposition, this company is looking to make money wherever they can. Profits will not stay in Riverton, and the moment the market becomes unprofitable, jobs will evaporate and the owners will bolt from Riverton with no regard for the unemployment, solid waste issues and the stench left behind.

Riverton is not a tourist destination, but we receive a lot of tourist traffic because of the destinations around us. Do we want to build our community into a place where tourists want to linger, or do we want to become so unpleasant that tourists purposely go a different direction? Let's have the care for our community and the presence of mind to say "absolutely no" to horse slaughter in Riverton. We don't want this in our country, let alone our back yard.

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