Second Ranger treasure hunt Easter egg found Tuesday along Eight Mile Road

Apr 19, 2017 From Staff Reports

The clue published in Tuesday's Ranger led Denise Poggis to the location of one of the two Ranger Easter eggs. Poggis located the egg around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

She found the colorful wooden egg at a paved turnout on Eight Mile Road west of Riverton. She said she had a feeling that was the location of the egg several days ago, but when she went to hunt the first time it was too dark to see much.

"As soon as I turned in there, I saw it," Poggis said of Tuesday's search.

Tuesday's clue featured scrambled letters that could be used to form the word "eight," hinting at Eight Mile Road. Earlier clues has established that the egg was hidden west of Riverton on a paved road in a rural area.

Poggis said she has followed Ranger treasure hunts for several years, including the Wild West Winter Carnival and Rendezvous Balloon Block, but this year was the first time she participated actively.

"This was the first one I followed all the way through. I wrote down all the clues," Poggis said. "It was fun."

She wins $200 cash, five beverage cards from Java Java Espresso, and an Easter basket.

The egg Poggis found was "Egg 1" in the annual hunt. "Egg 2" was found Tuesday morning by Ed McAuslan of Riverton. It was hidden in Teter Park.

Five clues had been publishd before the first egg was returned. The second required six clues.

The next Ranger treasure hunt is set for July, when the Balloon Block will be hidden. A cash prize and hot-air balloon ride will be awarded.

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