CWC board reworks 'ends' with new objectives

Apr 12, 2017 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Beginning this month, the Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees is operating under an updated set of goals.

The trustees revised their board ends this year under the leadership of chair Colton Crane, who cited the project as one of the reasons he ran for re-election last fall.

The board ends guide the trustees' decision-making process.

"I think this is significant ... the fact that we've gone through the board ends and developed the direction we want the college to go," Crane said at a March meeting during which the board approved the ends on second and final reading.

The document came up on first reading during a board meeting Feb. 22, and it was presented at an all-college meeting Feb. 28, with no changed suggested.


Previously, the board ends stated students who graduate with transfer degrees should be prepared to be academically successful at other institutions of higher learning, while students who graduate with applied degrees should be prepared to be skilled, successful employees in the workplace. Students were to have opportunities to successfully pursue training and education, acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in and contribute to a diverse and global community and to exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

The latter phrase remained on the new list of board ends, which now express a desire for students to achieve their goals, including earning college credits in high school, transferring to four-year schools, earning a degree or certificate, job placement or enrichment and career advancement.

"Because of CWC, students will meet rigorous learning standards and will be well-prepared for their futures through academic accomplishments and personal growth," the new board ends state.

The new list also talks about "mutually beneficial educational partnerships" that should give students expanded access to opportunities.

The board also wants students' educational experiences to be aligned from K-12 through CWC transfer, internships and job training.


Trustees referred to local partnerships in both versions of the board ends document.

Previously, the board said it wanted local partnerships to significantly enhance the economic and business climate of CWC's service area. The board also wanted the community to have access to opportunities for cultural enrichment, wellness and lifelong learning.

Similarly, the new board ends state that, because of CWC, the economic and business climate of the service area will be significantly enhanced through credit and non-credit workforce development. In addition, because of CWC's cultural, wellness and lifelong learning offerings, the lives of the citizens in the service area will be "significantly enhanced" as well.

New mentions

The new board ends mention financial management and employee considerations, which were not included in the previous document.

The list states that management of finances, enrollment and environmental resources, and the support of the CWC Foundation, will allow the college to be sustainable for the foreseeable future. And "because of CWC's excellence as a workplace, employees will feel valued by the organization, uplift those around them, and embrace their role in the success of CWC."


The new ends also include changes to the college president's evaluation instrument to reflect the monitoring reports presented to the board throughout the year.

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