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Tuesday notes

Mar 7, 2017 - By Steven R. Peck

Season signs

Just one more full week of true winter remains, and signs of the coming season are all around. For one thing, the most recent big snowstorm didn't take nearly so long to melt mostly away as its predecessors did.

What still won't be melting for awhile yet are the many spectacular piles of snow that began with the first parking lot plowings on December and have been added to ever since. Look for these mini-mountains to be a memorable reminder of winter well into spring.

Spring forward

Another sure signal that spring is near, if not quite here: Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. If you are having a lateSaturdaynight and are still up at2 a.m.Sunday, that's the time to set you watches, clocks and electronics ahead one hour (a lot of the modern stuff does it automatically).

The longer days and shorter nights will be with us for eight months. The early arrival of DST still strikes many people as odd (people of a certain age, that is).

What once started in mid-April now starts in early March. What once ended in October now stretches to November.

The rationale is energy savings, trying to match daylight hours more closely to work and school hours.

The Wyoming Legislature took a very brief look last month at a bill that called for making our state the third in the nation to eschew DST and remain on standard time year-round. Just for fun, can you name the two non-DST states? (Answer below.)

Dow Now

Since last June, we've engaged in a simple -- and imaginary -- investment exercise that involves putting $1,000 into an "index fund" that rises or falls based on the daily performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the world's most famous stock index. After that, the hypothetical money would simply be left alone to rise or fall for one year with the index fund.

The Dow has done very well since June, when it took a real tumble after the British "Brexit" vote. Some analysts said it would stay down for months, even years, but it hasn't. Had you actually invested $1,000 in a DJIA index fund lastJune 24and left it alone since then, as ofTuesdaymorning it would have grown to 1,185.34.

A whopper

Donald Trump says former President Barack Obama ordered Trump's office in New York City to be wiretapped last year. EarlySaturdaymorning (say one thing for Trump, he's an early riser) the new president sent out a Twitter message saying he "just found out" that Obama had done it.

Just found out how? This is the kind of sensationalist allegation that insists on being verified to at least a minimum extent before it is blasted out to millions of uninformed followers who are just waking up.

So far, nothing. In fact, the only real evidence of any kind as to whether it happened is the director of the FBI saying it didn't (presidents need the FBI's cooperation to put wiretaps in place).

Lacking that means Obama would have had to put together a secret and feloniously illegal spy operation to plant a microphone in Trump's office.

This is an outlandish claim, made more so by the utter lack of anything to back it up. Most Republicans are disavowing it already, just as they ought to.

Mr. President, if you are going to run a whopper like this up the flag pole, you'd darned well better have something in evidence to support it.

If you have it, then show it. Otherwise, let's never hear you shout the words "fake news" again.

No-DST states

Answering the question posed above, Arizona and Hawaii don't observe Daylight Saving Time.

25-1 (and counting)

There will be no undefeated season for the Riverton Wolverine boys basketball team this year. But there still can be a state championship. After being stunned 51-50 by Lyman in the Class 3-A West regional title gameSaturday(Riverton had beaten Lyman by 35 points when they played during the regular season), the Wolverines open the state tournament earlyThursdayafternoon against Rawlins.

The top-ranked Wolverines will be out for redemption. Look out, Rawlins.

Here's to a good week.

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