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Sunday Diversions

Mar 5, 2017 By Steven R. Peck

You may notice some differences

Our Sunday Diversions section looks a bit different this week. We've made some changes.

Diversions - that's the section you're reading now - is the "B" section of the Sunday edition. Starting today, that content is a bit different.

First, you'll notice that the Sunday horoscope is now on page B-1, instead of page B-3. From now on, look for it there. We have discontinued our affiliation with the Tribune News Service, which means that the TNS columnists who appeared regularly in Section B will no longer be with us. Recently the most prominent has been Lori Borgman. Horoscopes replace her slot on page 1.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see the humorous question-and-answer comic strip called "Ask Shagg." It has appeared a time or two over the years, but the plan is to make it a regular feature from now on. It replaces the Rich Heldenfels television column, which we had been running for the past few months.

A new standard feature on page B-2 will be the weekly celebrity birthdays column. We may have some fun with that in the future, including some photographs and perhaps some quiz questions about the birthday list.

Page B-3 now has the "Here's How" home-improvement feature that occasionally has appeared in special editions. We plan to run it weekly, in the space once occupied by the horoscopes (they now are on page B-1, remember). Note at the bottom of the column, immediately to the left, is an illustrated shortcut of each week's project.

Page B-4 remains the opinion page. The only noticeable change will be that the occasional appearance of the Carl Leubsdorf's column will come to an end. We'll find another substitute for Mark Shields on the rare weeks he is not writing.

The features described above do constitute some significant changes, but the core of Sunday Diversions remains the same. We'll use good national entertainment and culture copy on page 1, interspersed occasionally with local stories about music, the stage and related topics. The B-3 stalwarts - the weekly news quiz and the Sunday crossword - remain. On page 4, you'll still find the local editorial (judged best in Wyoming last year), letters to the editor, and the prize-winning Randy Tucker column. "Dear Abby" continues to hold down the fort on page B-5, and our local Student of the Week program will be the prime occupier of page B-6 for about two- thirds of the year.

Not long ago we were reviewing the first few months of the Sunday edition from 1999. Several features that ran back then been replaced in the intervening years.

he good newspaper mixes the familiar with the new. That is our intention with these changes. Keep reading, and enjoy the Sunday paper.

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