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Basic inmate hygiene needs not being met at detention center

Jul 29, 2012 - Joe Lookingbill, FCDC inmate Lander


After exhausting all resources at my limited disposal of bringing attention to the living conditions at the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander, I am taking one more attempt by informing the public.

It is a sad affair that we inmates at FCDC are being given worse access to personal hygiene supplies than a third-world country. For more than two months there have not been any toothbrushes available to us.

It may seem unbelievable that such an inexpensive yet basic and crucial hygiene product would not be offered to us, but that is not the reality of our situation. Not only have toothbrushes not been offered for free or available to buy, but neither have toothpaste, combs and razors.

I and many other fellow inmates have filed numerous requests and grievances to address this problem, but it has all been in vain; no change has come.

Certain officers have been sympathetic to the conditions we are being subjected to. These officers have informed us that the jail simply does not have the budget to supply us with these most basic and essential items. We have not been able to shave, use combs or even brush our teeth before court appearances or own visitations.

In my opinion we are being treated as animals in a cage.

The budget is controlled by the Fremont County Commissioners who are enjoying a raise in their annual salaries as our elected officials, as well as enjoying their basic daily hygiene needs.

We are living in these dismal conditions. How will these conditions improve when the new proposed budget being implemented on July 10 was less than the previous year?

As inmates, our voice has been muffled, perhaps even ignored. As fellow human beings with common basic needs, we ask for you, Fremont County, to be our voice.

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