Unbeaten RHS team a fine group of players, young men

Feb 23, 2017 Barbara Hall, Riverton


Too many times we are assaulted by the news and how bad people can be. I just want to say we have a group of young men that are simply amazing. You need to see the Riverton basketball players -- they show that there is no "I'' in TEAM. They are extremely talented, but they are also some of the finest young men. The credit for this starts at home and is enhanced by their coaches. They were taught not only basketball, but how to be wonderful young men. I have seen them win a game and then come over to the sidelines where the band and student section are and have the band play the fight song again while they sang and shared the win with all of us. You don't normally see that in high school athletics.

There are only a few games left that will allow you to experience the fun and excitement. We are lucky enough this year to host the regional tournament here in our town. Try to come to a game and cheer these young men on to victory. Go Wolverines! Thank you for a wonderful basketball season so far. I can't wait to see the rest of it.

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