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What has tribal liaison program ever really accomplished in state?

Feb 19, 2017 Patrick Macy, Riverton


In this financial crisis for Wyoming, I would favor deleting funding for the Wyoming Tribal Liaisons altogether.

The Legislature has cut half of it so far. It's not millions, but it is money that could be spent better on something else.

For years the two liaisons have just acted like they were lobbyists FOR the tribes when what they are supposed to do is represent state government TO the tribes.

Being a lobbyist isn't a bad thing. Lobbyists can do a lot of good if they are ethical about it. If the tribes want a couple of lobbyists in Cheyenne, that's perfectly fine. But let them pay for it themselves. The state should not subsidize that. I think it would be a challenge to find one real thing the liaison program has accomplished.

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