Cleanup planned for oil-impacted locations around Shoshoni, Lysite

Feb 16, 2017 From staff reports

The Department of Environmental Quality Storage Tank Program is proposing remedial actions for petroleum-impacted sites in or near Shoshoni and Lysite.

Previous WDEQ/STP investigations revealed five petroleum-impacted sites in the project area. The WDEQ/STP is authorized to remediate these sites by Article 14 of the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act.

A Draft Final Remedial Action Plan, describing the project and proposed actions, is available for review at the Shoshoni Town Hall, 102 East 2nd Street.

A copy is also available for review at the WDEQ office at 2100 West 5th Street, Sheridan. These copies will be available for public review through March 28.

Proposed remedial methods include soil excavation and disposal, ozone sparging and monitored natural attenuation. Construction activity is scheduled to commence in the fall of 2017. Operation of these systems will continue until remediation is complete. The remediation period is estimated to continue for one to six years.

Funding for this project is from the Wyoming Corrective Action Account and the federal government. Questions and comments concerning this project should be directed to the WDEQ/STP Project Manager: Paul Wollenzien, WDEQ/STP, 2100 West 5th Street, Sheridan, WY 82801, phone (307) 675-5607.

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