It's time for Shoshoni to take pride in its appearance

Feb 15, 2017 Dave and Shirley Johnson, Shoshoni


It's a new year. Let us start with a new idea. Let us make Shoshoni beautiful (again).

How do we do it? We can all help. It's called curb appeal. What does that mean? Simply, it's how your property looks to people driving or walking by.

How do you achieve it? You start by cleaning and clearing out your yard that people see when they drive by.

It also means mowing with a lawn mower when spring comes. Whether you have weeds or grass is up to you, just keep it mowed! Keep it neat. That is all you have to do. Anything else is a plus.

Let us all take pride in our home and match our beautiful new school. We should be proud when visitors come to look that we have greatly improved our community.

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