City is 'ridiculous' in treatment of day care center applicant

Jul 25, 2012 Joel Manners, Riverton


It is ridiculous how the city is treating the lady who wants to open a small day care in the house on Big Horn Drive. She only bought the house because the people at City Hall told her to go ahead. She made a point of telling the city what she was going to do and asked is it would fit in with the day care rules, and City Hall told her "yes."

And now the city is saying the opposite after she's already bought the house? It sounds like the shooting range fiasco happening all over again.

The mayor can talk like a kindly grandpa all he wants about staying positive and Riverton loves kids, but that is not all that easy to swallow when you have a $150,000 mortgage, or whatever, on your head because you got incorrect information from City Hall.

Hey, Riverton, want to own a five bedroom house on Big Horn Drive? If you don't OK this day care license, then you might be looking at buying it back from her. The shrewd city staff strikes again.

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