Letter attacking public schools was shocking, offensive, off base

Jul 18, 2012 Amanda Murrell, Riverton


This letter is in response to Jan Clayton's letter, dated July 12, "School can wound kids." I was shocked, offended and, frankly, confused by Ms. Clayton's statement that allowing our children to attend public schools is the same as lining them up and shooting them.

We happen to have some very fine teachers and staff in District 25 who are well-trained and highly-qualified, and they deliver quality education day in and day out. They deserve our respect and praise, not the bashing Ms. Clayton so readily handed out without even one specific example of what is wounding our children or killing their spirits.

According to her letter, the problem with public schools lies with "all that is taught there." My 8-year-old is learning to read and write. He is learning to add and subtract, tell time and count money.

He is learning how to cooperate with others and to follow directions from someone in authority. He is learning the value of persistence and to be proud of his work.

This is part of "all that is taught there," and last time I checked, these things were all vital to becoming successful in life.

Most of our physicians, attorneys, service men and women, and local business owners started their educations in our public schools, and I for one am thankful for the foundation that helped them become who they are today. I am thankful for my son's teachers, who love him like one of their own and do their best every day to help him be the best he can be.

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