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Tyler helped with long-ago school work

Jul 17, 2012 Brenda Farrell, Fort Worth, Texas


I read about the death of Carolyn B. Tyler and remembered how, when I was a third-grader in Texas, I wrote to newspapers in Wyoming asking for facts and figures about Wyoming for a school report. She gave me the best response I got from anyone.

She wrote a nice letter to me and typed out some information about Wyoming's cities, lakes, mountains and the national parks. I remember I was surprised to find out the Grand Teton wasn't the tallest mountain in the nation. As a child, I just assumed it must be the tallest. Carolyn Tyler's information told me that it isn't even the tallest in Wyoming!

Of all the things she sent, the one I loved was the Wyoming license plate with the bucking horse on it. It was from 1976, the centennial year.

The Ranger newspaper name has caught my eye many times over the years since then, and I have always remembered the kind letter Carolyn Tyler sent me along with the other things. I never met here, and I have only been to Wyoming once, but I'm glad she took the time to help me the way she did. I give my sincere commiserations for those in Wyoming who knew her. I'm sure it is a big loss.

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