Thieves took tribute to lost father, sister

Jul 11, 2012 Phil Aspinwall, Riverton


Please don't take from me.

The summer of 2007 was a good one for my dad. He and his best pal, Quentin Raymond, caught some of the biggest trout they had ever seen. Dad had won several first-place ribbons and best of show for his oil paintings at the county fair.

Even though my dad was very ill from pulmonary fibrosis and on prescribed oxygen, he still worked very hard to make his yard look nice. Mom and Dad spent many hours working in the yard to make it look just so. Hanging baskets full of brightly colored flowers, beautiful flowers planted to outline the driveway. The trees pruned, the weeds pulled, and the lawn looked like a thick carpet.

Their work paid off and in July of 2007 their yard won "Yard of the Month" from the Riverton Garden Club. That summer my sister from Colorado came for a visit and just fell in love with the hanging baskets with the brightly colored flowers, and the thick green lawn.

Winter of 2008 was not so kind to my family. My beautiful sister, who fell in love with the hanging baskets with the brightly colored flowers, died in her sleep on January 15. She was 47 years old. Two months later, on March 19, my dad died of pulmonary fibrosis. As a tribute to my sister and my dad I have vowed to always keep Mom's and Dad's yard up to what I think would be acceptable to my dad. Always with the hanging baskets of brightly colored flowers. Always flowers outlining the driveway, the trees trimmed just so, and the lawn as nice and green as I can keep it.

Not long ago week someone decided that they were entitled to help themselves and stole the hanging baskets with the brightly colored flowers that were a tribute to my dad and sister. Shame on who ever did this sin.

Please don't take from my family. These flowers and hanging baskets are for ail to enjoy as well as being a tribute. If you really, really, really need some hanging baskets with some brightly colored flowers in them, just ask me. I will help you with this task as much as I can, but please don't take the tribute I had worked hard at for my dad and my sister.

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