Set Free is a valuable program in community

Jul 5, 2012 Deanna Reach, Riverton


Recently I was on television talking about the new committee in Riverton to help with the homeless who have alcoholic and other addictions. A comment that was put on television that I said needs to be corrected and made clearer.

I want the people of Riverton to know that I believe in Set Free and the program that they are running. I hire the people from the Set Free all the time, and I recommend them to many people. The program there is a great program if people are willing to give it a chance and let it work.

The only problem that they have is a handful of people come into the program and then don't like it because they need to change the way they think and act so they walk out of the program and become part of the homeless problem that we have.

I want people to know that the community needs to support and help Set Free in any manner that they can because of all the good they do for people in need.

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